Connection and Attraction


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I  believe

... I believe that nothing happens without a reason. Our actions, out and out words, as a stone thrown into still water, ripple throughout time and space. They don't vanish and fade away, but rather surround us like a bubble. Perhaps their present impact is insignificant, but much later they can cause an elementary effect. They might just pile up on each other for centuries without being needed, and then later become more meaningful in someone in order to help them survive, forgive and be happy. It is like the evolution of the dripstone. This way all of our and our ancestor's deeds, ideas, sense and sensibility will be retained in unity. To become a universal hoard, which can serve as a resource for the needy. Time and space don't matter. Soul, thought and love matters only. To be able to open our soul to the incomprehensible and to the invisible. To hear the inaudible and make it loud for everyone. To be able to accept the intention and fulfill the purpose of our lives, sometimes in a painful way. Not everyone has the ability or the opportunity to recognize and accept this path. It's hard to say whether it is a blessing or a curse.

All of the people in the story are real, their existence spans through centuries and across continents. Their relation to one another is undeniable; they affect and respond to each other, however, they are not always aware of it. Their life, acts, existence, stories and relationships are both rational and irrational, and they are here to reveal the answer of why.

"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way."