An Unusual Evaluation of the Year


People like to appraise the year behind them. I thought I would do it, too.
In my own way.

In the December of two thousand and nineteen, noone thought that in some weeks a new era would start. No, what I have in mind is not the countdown before midnight: five, four, three, two, one, and a Happy New Year! Champagne bottles pop, glasses clink and we kiss each other, the people standing next us, and the ones next to them, happy and unhappy, because we celebrate, because we can, because it is not dangerous, because two thousand and twenty-one has arrived and started.

What I have in mind is when it turned out that in two thousand and twenty such a thing appeared in our life that the last time it had was a hundred years ago. A pandemic. A new, unknown virus. Some thought it will be like the flue has been. Some denied that it exists at all. Some denied it, then experienced its existence by catching it. Some could not be convinced at all, and still denies the virus. But the virus could not care less. It proved that it's here, no matter what we think. And the world has learnt to be afraid. Schools, clubs, restaurants, concert halls and theatres closed up. Those who could, started to work online. Airlines stopped their flights. People stopped to travel. Many lost their jobs. Purchases over the internet and the turnover of courier companies skyrocketed. Economies slipped into crisis. The fight started against the virus. And secretly we hoped that it would be quickly over.

It wasn't. While pharmaceutical research firms and pharmaceutical companies joined forces and shifted into high gear as never before, the virus has also changed. Vaccines have appeared. In the meantime, the virus has mutated. It is spreading at a lot faster pace. Second wave, and rumour has it that the third is coming...We can only hope that the vaccines will help us get rid of it. Today, tomorrow, the day after. Maybe... We want our old life back.

But then we should also do something not to let it repeat itself tomorrow, the next week, the next month, the next year, so in our long-awaited beautiful future. For this, however, we should find the reasons. Those that led us to this point. To reveal that in our old life that we want backso much we have made mistakes and had failures. That cannot go on. Our survival is at stake.

Our grandchildren's... .........................Our grandchildren's?

Our children's............................Our children's?

       Ours............................ Yes! Ours

Which one did you choose? Do you know the figures? Do you know the facts? And what is it that you are actually doing?

What could I do, I'm just one person is not the right answer. There is always something we can do. The question is whether we want to.

Where do you want to belong to?

To those who are waiting for others to solve the problems?

To those who look for the reasons and find solutions?

Or perhaps you want to be a "Beacon" like David Attenborough?

There you go! You only have to start to act. Don't think of big things. There is a small town out there where selective waste collection is so successful that 75% of the garbage is recycled. Let's set this value as our target. Or even a higher one. Use environment-friendly detergent and softener. Your local grocery does not sell it? Ask them to get some. And we have the seas. Burdened with huge problems. We don't have a sea, you say? It's still our problem, too. I've read that 200 million sharks are killed each year for their fins. Did you know that? You don't believe it? But it's true. And what's more, the fins of many are cut off when they are alive, then they are thrown back into the sea. It's horrible? Yes! Something should be done against it? Click on Stop finning. Are you building a house? You've considered solar panels, haven't you? And geothermic energy? You decided against it? You say the costs will not return in your lifetime? Could be. But they will in your children's or grandchildren's life. Just like the walnut tree that you plant today, but will yield its fruit to them. These are just crumbs, but there are so many possibilities around us! Pick the ones you like! As many as you can!

And there are so many things I haven't mentioned! Such as bee mortality, mosquito control, the spread of plastics, such waste whose decomposition can be measured in hundred years, chemicals, the pollution of the seas, the decaying corals, the melting icebergs...

You say it's easy just to write about these? Yes, it is, but in the meantime I also select waste separately. I buy environment-friendly detergent and softener. When cleaning I apply the old tricks and practices instead of chemicals. I do not use insecticides or herbicides in my garden. I will put the fallen tree leaves in sacks only in the spring. I've quit using tea filters; I brew my tea from tea leaves again. And I won't stop here....

In a year from now, looking back to this year, I wish so much I could write that we have made significant progress for our own future! we all