Only a virus. You might think it's a little something.
It'slike a flu.
This little 'something' was coming and the 'big' human
as plenty of dead leaves in autumn.

Everywhere you can see coffins.
Everywhere you can see dead.
The cemeteries are full with dead.
The dead are placed in mass graves.
Our lives are fear, dread, mouth maskand hand washing.
There are not contact each other.
Only the net, only the phone, only the message.
You cannot see your love.

Tears like rain.
The rain wash away the dirties.
Tears are able to wash the face, but aren't able to wash away the nonsense.
We are living without theatre, movies, arts.
We cannot enjoy life.
We slowly forget what the sunlight is like,
what the walk is like in the fields or in the forests,
what the swim is like in the sea.
We slowly forget what the music is like at a concert hall or in an opera house.
Human forgot that money is just a tool.
The money became the goal.
Someone sent me a letter about itsomeone won World War III. without firing a rocket
It's a big mistake to think that World War III. taking place between different countries.
This is not true. The question is, who will be the winner?
Life or death?

Everybody shall to understand, human need to change for the survive.