Lilly Crow and Willy Crow

fairy tale for adults and children

 frist edition: 2019 / second edition 2020

Summary of the book

When you are sitting in the children's room and reading my book for your kids, you might think this is a book about little crows, Billy and Lilly. A simple story about the lost twins but you might be surprised. You read about threes, animals, humans, wind and meteors. The characters - Dorina Croaker - Hoodey, Old Linden, Wise Owl, Molly Mallard, Blood Rabbit, Curly, Snailie, Breeze, Bonsai Panther and many others - live their different lives, talks, arguments, sometimes even quarrels.

                                 Opinion  about the book by Proofreader  

The story of the Crow twins is  a tale for children and adults .We all remember the tale of The Little Prince, don't we? I read this book about the little crows, Lilly and Willy, as a proofreader.  I thought that the Hungarian Little Prince was born - though this story was about not a little prince but crows,  but the depth of what it had to say was very similar. This story is not only about feelings, the residents of the woods do not even know they have, coming to the surface, showing an example to today's children (and perhaps to today's adults as well), but it also comes up with verbal innovations that are also vital for both children and adults, in today's world where reading literature is growing less and less popular. (Erzsébet Szentandrási)

Parts from the book

'What?' asked the Blood Rabbit, deeply shocked. 'Owl, are you out of your mind? The Prince and Rosie Fox can go, and I can't? That's discrimination!' Blood Rabbit was shouting increasingly loudly.

'Well, to be sure ...' Owl admitted to himself, but he didn't like Blood Rabbit. So, it took quite a while before he opted for equal opportunities. Blood Rabbit sensed this and so, he permitted himself to make a remark, just to be quits.

'Owl, the biggest victory is the one won over ourselves' he said, with some malice.

'You're impertinent. That's why I hate you' Owl shrieked. In a matter of seconds, the opponents calmed down and Owl continued......

They are funny and serious. But when the twins get lost, everybody wants to find them and everybody helps. After many adventures everything will be turn out to be good. And while reading, you can recognize the different characters of our society.

'Fancy, you know this song: You're so nice, you're so sweet ... Well, don't take it seriously, this song is not about you' he said and, boy, did he feel a bit better having said so. 'This was so... human' he thought to himself, a bit ashamed.

This book speaks about loneliness, empathy, friendship, acceptance of otherns and love. In one word about life.

'But Dorina! You don't know anything about this skinny thing here' said the next-door lady. 'You don't want him to bring in something nasty and spread it in our neat and tidy nests. He may even be the offspring of some homeless rook.'

'You are one to talk, you featherless skeleton!' retorted Dorina in rage. She had completely forgotten how the other day she wanted to be in favour with Fancy Crow, 'You are talking about someone being homeless! What difference does it make where he comes from? He's in trouble. If his wing breaks, it hurts, just like yours. If he's hungry, he has to eat, just like you. And if he isn't given education, he'll remain as stupid as you are! What's the difference?'

'You stupid! That's what you've always been. Stupid and stingy' Dorina said with rising anger. 'Don't even think of offending him even by saying something nasty, or I'll make you sorry for it. Skinny? A rook? So what! That's exactly why we love him' she closed the argument, with the feeling that she had to put an end to their friendship once and for all.

Kate spoke first, having entered the office.

'I have just adopted Muesli and Panther. I would like you, doctor, to take a look at them.'

'Of course! Are they from the shelter?'

'No, I met them on the street. Muesli just walked up to me. Panther became my friend about two weeks ago, when she finally dared to come off a tree.'

'Very brave, indeed. You do have a kind heart, Auntie Kate, if you don't mind me saying so. '

'I'm honoured', came the polite answer. She had been raised in accordance with the Spanish etiquette.

'We need a lot more adoptive owners. Shelters are crowded' the doctor was thinking, while examining Panther first.

'Sound as a bell' he said, and then started to feel Muesli's ribs.

'He's undernourished' he said and looked at the dog with some uncertainty.

'His face is familiar' he said finally, not remembering where he had seen the dog.

'He has a very characteristic little face' Kate said. She smiled at Muesli, adding 'and he's awfully nice and smart' with a mother's pride in her voice.

'The little dog sure has a funny shape' Paul contributed to the conversation.

Kate thought she would have a chat with this kid's mother. After all, how dare he cut in the adults' conversation? And so disparagingly at that! Then, calming down, she thought the boy was right. The dog actually had a funny appearance, but she liked it that way. Also, the dog liked her too. That's what counted, and nothing else mattered.

What's more, Paul was no child any more. He's quite a young man now. She would tell his mother if they met what a capable young man he has become. Let her be proud of him. And she smiled to herself.

'... I'm sorry, Katie, I didn't mean to be pushy', she heard the doctor say. Looking up, she asked:

'What did you say, doctor?'

'I would like to see the dog in a week, for a recheck. And since the dog appeared to be so scared", he said "you don't have to bring it to the office. I can examine it at home, perhaps he won't be so scared then. Of course, only if you agree, Katie". And agree she did.

'Dear doctor, of course, that'd be nice. I wouldn't have thought that it's possible.'

'But I can only go after my consulting hours, in the evening. Is that OK?'

'Indeed! It's fine with me any time, I live on my own.' her answer sounded sad. But she was immediately sorry for having said so.

'What will this man think about me?' she asked herself, feeling ashamed.

'Fine. I'll stop by on Wednesday next week, about seven o'clock. My assistant will jot down your address.' Paul, will you note it down, please!' he ordered his assistant.

'There's no need to. I know where Aunt Kate lives.' My mother and I visited her many times' said the kid-turned-young man Paul.

'Will it not be too late, doctor? What will your wife say if you return so late from work?'

'I lost her ten years ago. Nobody's gonna miss me. I am a lonely man' the doctor answered, in an even tone.

'Loneliness is no good' Kate responded. And as their eyes met, something happened. Blacky and the Bonsai Panther sensed it perfectly.

'They match each other, that's why we will adopt the doc. And for convenience' Blacky was grinning.

'So we'll always have the family doctor at hand. What a superb place we have found' the cat was thrilled by the notion of having two humans spoiling them. It will be true Paradise. They've found not one but two dream owners. And the dog thought what a good pair he and the cat would make.

At the same time, Kate and the doctor were both thinking how nice it would be not to continue lonely for much longer.

Paul looked at them, thinking: 'Quite a couple. I'll let my mom in on it, I think they could use some help.'

Kate had been right when she thought he had become a real young man. On her way out of the office, Kate stopped in front of the little boy who had called her dog an ugly mongrel. She gave him the once over and then said with unconcealed animosity in her voice.

'Just so that you know, he is not an ugly mongrel. He is a kind and smart dog. His name is Muesli. And I am lucky to be his owner.' And she walked towards the exit with pride in her stride.

Muesli squared his shoulders. He became quite an imposing figure. Held straight up, his tail looked like a flag of triumph. And he walked past the little boy like a commander parading in front of the troops before the great battle.

                             ...... and   the  second  edition  2020......

New publisher, new edition, new cover, old title with new subtitle, only the content is the same. 

A fairy tale for children and adults. A story for everybody. 

About  life......