About me

I had eight long months to spend thinking about what I would want to become. Eight months of undisturbed peace and quiet, no distraction whatsoever. Then when I was born a bit earlier than expected, I declared right away that I  would become a doctor. Much to my surprise, no one seemed to bother. My mother, the doctor and the midwife were busy marvelling at me. Then they were joined by my father. He needed some time for coming to terms with my being a girl, rather than a boy. When I expressed my objections he talked about fathers' ancient desires ... so I accepted his excuses. My family was characterized by unconditional love. That I would become a doctor was, to me, a matter of fact. All the more so, because I had no Plan B. I haven't had Plans B in general, to this date. I don't bother working out one; instead, I execute my Plan A. My father would have preferred seeing me as a physicist, so when the time came for applying to university, he asked what if I would not be admitted. Why shouldn't they admit me, I asked. And I was right, they took me on.

...and after six wonderful years at university I received my degree and started to work. I am healing others, I am where I belong, I thought. But that's not the way Fate would have it. My first book was born four years ago, just for a special someone, coming like a bolt from the blue. A detour it must be, thought I. Well, it wasn't.

....and since the summer of 2018 my books have been coming, one after another. The story of the Lilly Crow and Willy Crow, the Dream stones, the Butterfly dance - Zoé's book, Butterfly dance - in the past or in the future ...

I just sit down, listen to music, and, after a while, start writing ...

 from the secrets of my writing workshop

...the First secret

The music is very important in my life. When I write, I hear the different music at every moment.

The music is in my minde like a great, majestic river. I stay on the bank of this river and watch the water.
Between waves of music- river, I can see musical works like big tree branches and gigantie trees.
I know a lot of them, listened many times. Others are unknown to me. I found them accidently.
Some of them swim away and I forget about them.
Some of them swim away but when we meet again, I greet them like an old friend: I know you already.

Others of them drift ashore and become my treasures such

Veracini's Largo by Ruggiero Ricci

about miracle...
there is no good or bad music...

concert hall
concert hall
children play jazz music
children play jazz music
Miles Davis statue
Miles Davis statue

there is a miracle called music...

...the Second...

                                                           Music begins where the power of the word ends.

Claude Debussy

 ...the Third ...

In the sheet music, the sign of pause is also music.  The sound of silence. It is very important.
In speech the unspoken word is the sign of pause. The soud of silence.

Often it is more important, as the spoken words

...the Fourth...

The little girl in the picture is me. This girl believes in miracles. The Train of Miracles has just arrived and I'm getting on it. Then we  fly  after  Santa to find the dreams of childhood.....