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I've been reading about a ten-year-old girl who sets off to join her mother. Her grandparents take her to the railway station. Put her on a train and wave farewell. The train rolls out. They don't move. "We've made the right decision" - one of them whispers. "Yes" - the other nods. And they are full of fear. The mother...

A few days ago we exchanged some messages on Facebook. About her daughter and her daughter's spouse. She said she has been sorry lately for not asking me about the quantity of that arsenic.



Only a virus. You might think it's a little something.
It'slike a flu.
This little 'something' was coming and the 'big' human
as plenty of dead leaves in autumn.

The Arsonist


I was born a child, like everyone else. But this applied only to my bodily state, because in terms of my behaviour I was not a child. Was it perhaps that someone had forgotten to put childness into my package? Well ... I must remember to ask about this, when I return. Nonetheless, I was growing up in the regular...